About Dr. Dunaway

M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP, CHCO, CHCC is a healthcare futurist who consults, writes and speaks on the modern and evolving healthcare ecosystem. He is the chief “dotsultant” of Healthcare Value, Inc.

Dr. Dunaway works with healthcare people who want to take care of patients, and each other, better.

Solutions based on Patient Centered Care, Physician Centered Connections, Partnered Cooperation and Collaboration are resonated in all consulting and speaking engagements in conjuction with a variety of critical issues faced by all healthcare businesses including:

Clinical Excellence/Safety/ Ethics

Compassionate Customer Service

Sales and Marketing To, and Through, Physicians

Quality Measurements

Operational Efficiencies

Care and Coordination of Care

Regulatory Compliance

Staff and Physician Satisfaction**Patient Satisfaction**

Value interpretation to internal and external customers/employees to drive profit to enable continued sustainable growth and patient centered healthcare excellence.

**prefer “loyalty” than “satisfaction”

In 1997 Dr. Dunaway developed a compliance correct, Evaluation and Management (E&M) Risk Based Coding™ methodology. His subsequent documentation system has become a certified standard for facilities and practices nation-wide and resulted in millions of dollars in additional revenue for hospitals and medical practices alike through improved physician documentation. The consulting opportunities gave him an insider’s view of the “business of medicine” from a physician’s perspective.

As an every-other-night-on-call general surgeon for 16 years he recognized that arguably the most advanced healthcare system in the world was being weakened by fragmentation resulting from economic evolutionary pressures. Studying relationships between varied members of the healthcare community, “healthcare dots,” Dr. Dunaway discovered ways of building more functional and profitable connections. Today he works to simply “connect the dots of healthcare.”

Dr. Dunaway described a process termed Mutual Value Integration (MVI) where the introduction of mutuality to the fragmented dots of healthcare creates a rising economic tide that lifts dots to a higher level in the healthcare ecosystem we all work in. By strengthening the individual healthcare “dots” the ultimate goal of patient care excellence can also be strengthened.

Three cornerstones of mutuality comprise MVI.

  • Improving communication between healthcare dots
  • Finding the chemistry that makes dot2dot and doc2dot business sense
  • Honoring the contribution of all the healthcare dots

Today this frustrated surgeon, turned healthcare pioneer, consults, writes, and speaks for physicians, physician office staff, hospitals, hospital administration and leadership teams, HIM, compliance, homecare and hospice, physician sales organizations, businesses of healthcare, payers, and patients on how to connect • the • dots • of • healthcare.




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What they are saying:

“This was my first coding seminar where a physician-taught/physician-perspective was used. Made a difference!”

Fiona Azybuiks, Fayetteville, NC.


“Excellent entertainer, powerful salesman, successful business man, awesome educator! "

Sherry Davis, Wellston, OK.


“Applause! Applause! Applause! The evaluations brought high ratings and rave reviews….if someone wants a speaker who guarantees an “on your feet” applause, you’re the person to book!”

Louist Pugliese, RN, MSN, Dir. Education, Conemaugh School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs, Johnstown, PA