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Hey, we've actually got a functional blog now. (June 2007) Visit the blogsite at http://www.dot2dothealthcareblog.com and pick up a thread. But be careful, might want to wear gloves, some of them are dripping in sarcasm.


How the blog has been designed

Together,we are all in an interconnected matrix of “dots” in the ecosystem of healthcare. Our individual perception of the ecosystem is a function of what “dot” we are at a specific moment. What is (are) your dot(s)? Physician? Hospital? Business of Healthcare? Staff Employee? Payer? Nurse? Or perhaps a Patient dot? These are just a few of an exponentially growing list of “dots” as specialization and division of “dots” continues.

This blog is dedicated to improving communication between “dots” of healthcare. In an ecosystem, changes occurring to one “dot” will invariably affect other “dots” beyond our ability to immediately recognize and shift delicate balances in the healthcare ecosystem. Rather than creating a “single dot” focus, this blog will address current events in healthcare that affect multiple “dots” immediately as well as over time. By allowing individual “dots” an opportunity to hear, and respond to, different “dot perspectives,” awareness, understanding, and a “healthcare ecological sense” may be gained to benefit all of us, together.