Connecting the Healthcare Dots

The Three cornerstones:

Establish effective Communication.

Find the chemistry.

Honor the contribution

Five content areas of mutual value integration solution:

- Physicians and facilities. (The power of the pen: no one gets paid until the doctor signs the charts.)
- Physicians and patients. (Reducing malpractice cost with better time management and bedside manners.)
- Physicians and staffs. (Doctors may be king/queen of the hill, but they are no longer an island.)
- Physician and suppliers. (How can they join forces with drug companies and still be independent.)
- Physician and payers. (Documentation systems.)



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What they are saying:

Effective Communicaation

"Thank you for giving us the tools to help bridge the gap in Nurse/Doctor communications."

Jenifer Cawley, RN, Visalin, CA


Finding Chemistry

"Hats off to you! You are a doctor's doctor, a coder's ally and an administrator's hero. Thanks to your unique ability to help all of us understand how much we depend on each other to survive in today's complex healthcare arena."

-Lynn Wilette, RHIT, Director HIM, Deaconess Medical Center, Spokane, Washington

Honoring the Contribution

"What a gift! In a profession that often is thankless, you succeeded in making its direct care workers shine and feel appreciated and valued. You touched our hearts."

Georgiann Lucas, Pittsburgh PA