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How to Get More Doctors to More of Your Meetings.

When Dr. Dunaway conducts his hospital documentation programs the value Dr. Dunaway brings to the hospital is directly proportional to the number of physicians who attend the programs. Understanding that most physicians would prefer a root canal than to attend a “documentation program,” let alone a “coding program,” and even a, yeech, “compliance program,” Dr. Dunaway developed an entire promotional and marketing plan for his client hospitals to get maximum value from his programs with maximal physician attendance.

This manual takes you beyond the simple “how’s” in developing a methodology to improve physician meeting attendance by providing the “why’s.” Physician psychology is leveraged to benefit both physician and healthcare businesses with details on topics as outlined in the table of contents.

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What they are saying:

"Without question, the best and most instructive 'quick read' specifically geared to physicians on this all too confusing topic that I've encountered to date!"

-Terry MacMath, MD, clinician and DRG coding consultant