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To e-zine or not to e-zine, That is the question.

Well, who needs another e-zine. Who has time? I dump ‘em as fast as I get ‘em so I don’t even want another e-zine.

Enter M. Tray Dunaway MD’s 1MM, (One Minute Message)

So instead of another e-zine that will bug you with too much information, we’ll periodically bug you with four short messages/ideas that will, (total time), take less than a minute to read, and help you connect your own healthcare dots.

  • Free Idea To Try Today…. increase your dot2dot connectivity
  • News You Can Use …Headlines having bottomline consequences
  • Shameless Self/Other Promotional Division… stuff you can buy that may actually make you money, save you time and reduce stress.
  • Dr. Dunaway’s Believe It or Not!... information too bizarre to be fiction or facetious fun fictitious facts – you decide!

Give us your e-mail address, (we won’t give or sell your address because I hate spam as much as you do) and identify what healthcare dot you are, (Hospital Administration, HIM, Compliance, Physician, Physician Office Staff, Patient, Business of Healthcare, Homecare/Hospice, or your own dot description) and try it out. If you decide you don’t even want to ever waste another minute of your time on reading four small paragraphs, opt out. (Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings).

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What they are saying:

"Dr. Dunaway was entertaining, informative and outrageous at times."

-Judith Visscher, MD, Missoula, Montana