How Dr. Dunaway can help the media:

  • If you are looking for business of medicine stories, particularly physician frustration with paperwork, documentation, coding, compliance, regulatory, quality, finance, public (Medicare/Medicaid) or private insurance third party payer issues, I can share stories, sources and contact information from a unique physician perspective.

  • If you need articles, columns, tip sheets, or other short items, I can meet even the toughest deadlines without fail.

  • I write freelance articles for a variety of publications and have built a reputation for suggesting off-the-wall topics, writing clean and compelling copy, and respecting deadlines.

  • I can provide other experts and contact information on medical regulatory issues and physician frustration in an increasingly doctor hostile healthcare ecosystem.

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Short Bio

Tray Dunaway’s connection to the “business of medicine” started when he was three years old and his mother read him the Golden Book classic, “Nurse Nancy.” He, however, identified with the doctor, but thought the band-aids that came “free” with the book were too cool. When he later discovered drug sales reps provided free penlights, he was hooked.

Today, M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CHCO connects the “dots of healthcare” in the healthcare ecosystem we all encounter or work in at some point in our lives. Connections between hospitals, patients, businesses of medicine, payers, and a myriad of healthcare workers. Even irascible doctors. In fact, he was an irascible doctor for sixteen years in a general surgical practice in Camden, South Carolina.

As a “dotsultant” and professional speaker, he shows healthcare people, businesses, and organizations how to improve their connectivity with other “dots of healthcare” to improve profitability, enhance their reputation, increase “sales” in more dimensions than just financial gain, and to better serve patient needs.

His Documentation System has brought millions of dollars of increase revenue to client physician practices and hospitals alike through more effective E&M coding and DRG coding. His MVI model of Mutual Value Integration works by improving communication, finding the chemistry to make business solutions viable, and honoring the contribution of all the dots in healthcare.

Dr. Tray lives in South Carolina with his wife Jane and their three children and travels around the country to collect little hotel bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles to donate and supply his favorite hospital “home-away-from-home” patient family facility in Orlando Florida for weeks on end.


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