For Program Coordinators

Meeting Planner/Coordinator Information

On behalf of all the world-wide employees of Healthcare Value Incorporated, welcome! Thank you for considering Dr. Dunaway for your next event.

We understand the demanding process you have to plan, coordinate, and execute an event and what it takes to make it sensational. We stand ready to help you do this.

Our job is to achieve two objectives for you. (Sure, we’ll do a great job for meeting the goals of the presentation(s), but this is for YOU!)

We will:

  1. Give you the easiest experience you’ve ever had with a speaker.
  2. Make you look good, real good. No, GREAT, to your boss and colleagues by giving you outstanding speaker evaluations and increase audience attendance.

How Dr. Dunaway achieves his goals for you! (click here)

Booking/Fee Arrangements
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  • We honor courtesy calendar holds for one week only. If you would like to renew a hold, please contact us directly or your hold will be released after seven calendar days.

  • If another client extends a firm offer for the same date, the client with the first hold will be offered 24 hours to exercise their option with a signed letter of agreement.

  • To confirm a hold date, Dr. Dunaway’s speaking fee is to be paid 50% as a non-refundable deposit, payable immediately.

  • Dr. Dunaway will send a simple letter of agreement to be signed and returned with the deposit check.

  • Check is payable to:
    Healthcare Value, Inc.
    Federal Tax ID# 65-1172805

  • The balance is due ONE WEEK before the engagement.

  • The balance will include a flat travel fee. (An estimate will be determined before the initial deposit) The actual flat fee will be determined approximately four weeks before the program and may change depending on coach airfare fluctuations from the first estimate. This flat fee assures clients that no additional or hidden fees will be incurred and is all inclusive. Late changes to pre-program arrangements as submitted may incur additional client cost.

  • Books and learning materials investment charges will be billed on completion of scope of work.

  • Dr. Dunaway will send a questionnaire to be completed and returned well before the meeting date.

Minimal AV Requirements when using all Dr. Dunaway’s equipment (audience less than 400 people):
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  • A grounded (three plug) extension cord, (he carries a gang outlet that runs from a power outlet to the table…

  • A table to place Dr. D’s LCD projector, computer, and speaker on. (If Dr. D. is immediately following another presentation, he’ll pre-place the equipment, or use a rolling cart as a substitute table to just wheel it into position before the program and wheel it away after the program before the next speaker to make the transition seamless. He’ll already have tested all the equipment in the proper location.)

  • The largest projection screen available. (White sheet duct taped to a wall also has worked in a pinch but lacks the sophisticated panache Dr. Dunaway strives to attain for your audience)

When Dr. Dunaway will use facility equipment:

  • An input to house sound that accepts an XLR input.

  • A 1/8” mini-plug cable to run from Dr. Dunaway’s computer to house sound. This should be sound-mixed separately from the voice input.

  • A standard LCD cable to connect to house LCD projector/projectors.

  • A podium is not required or desired. Dr. Dunaway doesn’t use a podium but will request a small side table to hold a few props.

  • He will need time in advance of the actual presentation to connect the computer to the cable.

  • Because of music and sound/video effects that are in the custom computer set-up, using another computer will result in diminished A/V effects. It will loose all sorts of “Whoa, that was cool!” comments from the audience.

Room Set-up

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  • Dr. Dunaway has spoken in Board Rooms to Broadway sized theaters, from sports stadiums to a converted cold storage room in the back of a pizza restaurant. He is about as flexible as they come. But, theater seating, with curved rows works best for rooms without tables. For rooms with tables, having all the audience directly facing forward also works best. Arc the tables if you can.

  • Dr. Dunaway does not want to cause you additional work, (and he doesn’t mind helping move tables if time permits!), but sometimes a small extra effort can create exponential improvements to the outcome. Just like ambiance in a fine restaurant adds to a great meal, room set-up matters to a speech. A poor room set-up can sabotage an otherwise great speech.

General Information
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We typically provide a customized introduction and bio for each presentation but to get an idea of the style, please see the sample. Dr. Dunaway will customize bio’s of any length to dovetail with your meeting theme or specifications at no charge. Just ask if we can help you with copy writing! A Bio is typically included with handout materials, (there are generic versions of these available on this website too), as well as an evaluation form.

We’d like you to use our evaluation form even if you provide your own and encourage you to photocopy these on site to keep for your own use. Simply provide Dr. Dunaway with the original returned evaluations. If it is more convenient for us to send you copies once Dr. Dunaway returns to our world headquarters in South Carolina, we’ll do that for you. (We’ll even edit out evaluations from people who were obviously grumpy the day they attended Dr. Dunaway’s program at no charge!) Tell us how to make this as easy as possible for you.

We request that Dr. Dunaway be sent all mailings to attendees and that his email address will be added to the mailing list for meeting attendees:

Let us know how to help you best achieve your objectives, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can and hope you’ll be so overwhelmed you’ll be inspired to write us a testimonial letter!


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>> Room Setup

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Download Short Bio (PDF)

Sample Introductions (PDF)

Pre-program Questionnaire (PDF)
Print out, fill out and fax back.

Click here for a sample Risk Based Coding Seminar handout (PDF)

Click here for a sample "Connecting the Dots of Healthcare" program handout (PDF)

What they are saying:

"For the third consecutive time, you're the highest rated speaker from our Power Home Health Referrals conferences. Congratulations."

Linda Busche, Conference Chairwoman, Power Home Health Referrals


"I found working directly with youto be a real pleasure -- no surprises is always a plus! Finally, being able to coordinate your visit with a neighboring facility reduced our costs overall."

Marla B. Brady RN, MSN, Director Quality & Resource Mgmt. Harrison Hospital, Brremerton, WA


"Tray, thanks again, but most of all, thanks for making our job easy. You really made myself and my staff look good."

Bernadette Showden, MSHA, CHE, President and CEO, Mt Carmel Health Partners, Columbus, OH


"And working with you and Shawnee has been a delightful process -- I wish all my speakers were as easy."

"Dr. Dunaway is motivating and experienced. He is also easy to work with, helpful, and accessable."

Jennifer Flom, Program Coordinator, California Association for Health Services at Home

"Working with Dr. Dunaway was a pleasure. He maintained frequent contact with us before he conference, showed uup early and even offered to help set up...I can't say enough about this speaker. What a discovery!"

Jason Huffman, Publisher

...home health line


"From our perspective as the "buyer," we could not have asked for a better presentation."

Pati Trites, CEO Healthcare Compliance Resources


"Add "Meeting Saver" to your long list of credentials. With all but one of our secheduled speakers cancelling due to the horrible events occuring in New York and Washington, it was great of you to step up and volunteer to fill our
Wednesday General Sessions program. You added the touch of lightheartedness tha everyone needed." (Meeting date Sept., 11, 2001 in Louisville, KY)

Debbie Best

Administrative Assistant

Kentucky Medical Association


"Your assistance in setting up the technical equipment was very much appreciated."

Anita Murcko, MD

Medical Director, Health Services Advisory Group


"As you might imagine, in my positioin of meeting planning, some speakers can be difficult to deal with and lax to respond to criticical information needed in formatting the program. You are indeed a professional and it was my great pleasure to work with you."

Carla Coleman, Executive VP

Arkansas Academy of Family Physicians, Inc.


"Behind the scenes, wer wer amazed at how well you recovered from the unintentional "theft" of your lyrics to your second song. you nver missed a "beat" (literally!) and kept the show going , without the audience ever knowing of the mishap (which was our entire frault!), a true professional!"

Roxanne Bolinger, Conference Chair, UCG


"You provided me with useful insight and guidance in my first ever attempt as putting on an educational conference...thank you."

James Bettendorf, Director, Compliance and Business Director, Gateway EDI