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Dr. Dunaway's Documentation Success Package ...$895.00

"You can trust me because I'm a doctor. So trust me, DON'T order this. You'll regret it. Save your money. I've got something even better for less of your money!"

M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP




Dr. Dunaway just made himself OBSOLETE. Well, not himself, but rather his documenation package. So DOn'T BUY IT. Here's why.

At the present, we are beta testing a new iOS app that will take everything that he's been teaching clinicians for the last 10 years and make it a self-working app on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.

The app is called E&Minator and it's currently being Beta Tested by clinicians, office managers, HIM professionals, and our development team. It should be ready for release by the end of August, or September, 2012 and will retail for $35.

So we've disconnected the online store... since sales will be done only through Apple.

Don't have an iPhone or iPad?

Here's what you do. Take the $895 you were going to spend and buy an iTouch for about $200. Play with it and enjoy it. (You will enjoy it.) Wait till the E&Minator is available, (you can track us down on Facebook... search "E&Minator" to keep in touch), buy it through the App store for $35. Now you've got everything you were looking for from Dr. Dunawy's documenation IN YOUR POCKET along with $660 you've now got to figure out what to do with.

Hey, if you really want to buy the package, just give us a call:

(803) 425-8555

We'll give you a deal, but you'll still want the app.

It's way cool.

...and the results clinicians will get from it are nothing short of ASTONISHING! Of course, perhaps thay's just our perpective.

Tell you what, you buy it and tell us!

Here are some of the benefits you can get from it:

  • Makes you money – by allowing you to earn every penny that is legitimately due to you for every E&M patient encounter.
  • Saves you time – by using a rapid and streamlined approach to provide not only the code for your E&M encounter but exactly what you need to document to support your code, eliminating your E&M coding conundrum.
  • Makes you “audit proof” – by integrating  compliance correct methodology proven successful since 1998 to ensure you have the compliance correct E&M code supported by the correct required documentation.
  • Gives you credit and recognition for taking care of your patients – by ensuring your documentation meets increasingly third party payer graded evaluations by providing accurate and relevant documentation.
  • Requires NO CODING KNOWLEDGE – by operating the “coding geek” stuff in the background that you NEVER have to look at. (But you can see it if you want to!)
  • Unparalleled ease of use – compared to other E/M apps, in an average of only 6 screens, you’re DONE with the code designation AND supportive documentation. No annoying click through menus or struggling with arcane tables and tabulations. It’s all automatic and blissfully invisible to the user.
  • This is not a “coder” app – rather it’s a “documentation and coding” app. It’s not designed to “check” your coding on completed documentation, it’s designed to provide the documentation directly to you that you need for the right code for the right E&M patient encounter before you write anything down.
  • Designed by a physician for clinicians – particularly a physician who thinks like a doctor, not a coder and who created the Risk Based CodingTM algorithm in 1998 and has been educating physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical office and hospital HIM personell ever since on its use… and who, additionally, has NEVER received a clinician’s collect call from jail as a consequence of using this compliance correct algorithm.
  • Ensures compliance correct documentation for any clinical documentation where an E&M service is billed – in the parlance of third party payer auditors any clinical documentation is technically a “History and Physical” from what you and I consider a “real H&P” but also to include what we might consider a “progress” note.
  • Is the easiest “EMR” you’ll ever use – while certainly not an EMR, it will capture all the required information any system’s EMR needs to produce a beautiful, concise, accurately coded clinical documentation.
  • E&M principles of E&Minator integrates with any EMR system – by providing you with the information you need to provide to any EMR system to maximize your EMR efficiency.
  • Works for practitioner or student – by providing two versions selectable from the Settings menu to provide information in a COMPLETE or abbrev. format depending on user choice.
  • Cues user to maximize efficiency – by displaying a blue progress bar for initial screens with optional auditory or sensory responses that can be selected in the Settings menu.
  • Designed for one hand operation – to allow you to write or dictate your H&P with the other hand.
  • Demonstrates competency to Third Party Payers – so they will leave you alone in search of “low hanging fruit” in other practices to annoy with RAC audits, fines, and refunds back to insurance companies.

And finally, a really cool benefit from the two guys who are bringing you E&Minator…

  • Clinicians can get this app for FREE – OK, “free” for the clinician, but your hospital would be picking up your tab. E&Minator is registered with Apple as an Enterprise Account. Jerry, (our team’s iOS – Apple savvy guy), had a pretty technical explanation that Tray, (our team’s doctor guy), will translate for you here: “The hospital can say to their favored clinicians, ‘Hey, would you like a free E&Minator for your iPhone or iPad? ” For the doctors who are interested in getting it for free, the hospital gives these favored doctors a ‘link/address/something-or-another’ so they get a free download and the hospital gets the bill. Cool, huh? (OK, real cool for clinicians, but still cool for hospitals too as physician use of Risk Based CodingTM has proven itself to help hospital DRGs as well as physicians.) So it’s a win-win all around and what hospital administration wouldn’t want to improve DRG coding? 

Hospital Benefits:

  • Improves Hospital Reimbursement – by harnessing the “power of the physician’s pen” not only to drive physician benefit through more accurate documentation but also, (as a proven track record supports), to productively drive MS-DRG scores for hospitals.
  • Creates a great point of commonality with your physicians and a topic of alignment that highlights the importance of physician documentation for synergistic value and creates a win/win for physician and hospital alike.

Coding/HIM Professional Benefits:

  • This is a great adjunct to your teaching responsibilities. Actually, it will save YOU hours of instruction to your physicians. Demonstrate how it works and watch the physicians put the application in to action!
  • Using E&Minator as an auditing aid when explaining results of your audits to your physicians will show the physician how easy documentation and compliance can be when assisted by their own documentation and coding cyborg!
  • Replaces a “coding seminar” for physicians. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had HIM professionals tell me “I wish my physicians had been her to hear you speak, they would have loved you!” Well, now they can have the methodology I teach without having to even attend a workshop or crack a book because the E&Minator is self-working. It’s THAT easy!

So, DON'T buy the documenation system. You'll regret it. But you will not regret waiting till the app is available and spending $35 on this amazing tool.

While teh app is "new" the principles of Risk Based Coding TM are established and proven. See for yourself.

But for your reading pleasure, here's what the documenation package would have done for your $895! (That you can get now for only $35!)

Dr. Dunaway’s Documentation Success Package or…Dr. Dunaway in a Box, is available with his LIFETIME money back guarantee as an integrated set of multimedia learning materials and tools.


Here’s our unconditional money back guarantee. Unless you get ten times the cost of these materials, that’s $8,950.00 over the course of MY lifetime, send the system back and I’ll give you an immediate refund, no questions asked. What have you got to lose? I can assure you when you apply this system to your practice, you’ll gain well over the 10 times ROI faster than you’ll believe. M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP


So what do you get in the Documentation Success Package? Everything pictured above...and more. A detailed description is provided below of all the Documentation Success components. The total package is a wealth of informative tools and even practical advice that is designed to help you get every penny of E&M reimbursement you deserve, save time by understanding exactly what must be documented, and to never fear a third party payer audit again. Best of all, it provides a training program so office staff can help you be even more efficient and profitable. In other words we are going to increase the market value of physician time.


  • First and foremost, physicians go through the entire system to learn how to maximize efficiency, make every cent of legitimate revenue from compliance correct documentation, learn to document LESS, and NEVER FEAR an auditor again.
  • Coding/Documentation Educators use the system in conjunction with individual physician instruction and coaching. By providing the comprehensive training system as an introduction, this saves valuable educator time to go into practice specific areas in more depth, knowing that the individual physician has established a basic grasp of the fundamentals.
  • Educating office personnel in how to help the doctor document better and more efficiently helps minimize time spent on documentation chores, freeing the physician for more productive work.
  • As your practice grows, adding new physicians, PA's, and Nurse practitioners, and other personnel, practices have a built in coding/documentation/compliance educational program to incorporate with existing orientation that only requires a quiet space and a way to play a DVD/CD. Additional copies of individual materials are then made available at very reasonable per unit pricing to match your needs once you have invested in the initial "subscription" for your practice's lifetime.
  • And finally, for all you office managers who have attended one of my programs and said, "Boy, this was great. I SURE WISH MY DOCTORS COULD HAVE HEARD WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!".... hey, here's the solution. It's basically "Dr. Dunaway's Risk Based Coding" program in a box! ( a fraction of the cost it entailed to get me to speak where you actually heard me!)


Here's what is included in the Documentaiton Package:


Pocket Guide to Clinical Coding -- Dr. Dunaway's revolutionary approach to E&M documentation and coding excellence -- Risk Based Coding TM.

Risk Based Coding TM Manual -- a step-by-step guide to best use of the Pocket Guide, Flexform, and Coding Checkbook.

Doctors are From Jupiter Compliance is from a Galaxy Far, Far...Away text-- Co authored with Joe Batte, CFI and written by Tom Criser to give a physician and a former OIG certified fraud investigators view of medical compliance.


Quick Inpatient E&M Reference with Specialty Exam -- a simplified Inpatient tool for physician or physician employee use.

Quick Outpatient E&M Reference with Specialty Exam -- a simplified Outpatient tool for physician or physician employee use.

-- a remarkable template designed to capture any inpatient admission, outpatient encounter, and any consultation that you may encounter using the Risk Based Coding TM methodology.

Coding Checkbook -- a wonderful recording and teaching tool to capture all inpatient follow-up visits accurately using the compliance correct Risk Based Coding TM methodology.

*These tools allow office employees to gather required documentation information using the Risk Based Coding TM System to increase efficiency of physician time and profitability.


2 CD audio program -- for ease of learning the theory and application from a live recording from a hands on physician program.


Physician Documentation DVD program -- a 90 minute visual experience designed to give you your own presentation by Dr. Dunaway similar to his hospital programs but devoted entirely to the use of the Risk Based Coding TM system.


With this multimedia educational package you'll be given all the tools you need to create a physician friendly, documentation success program for your office. But to help you to take all this information and implement these concepts Dr. Dunaway will give you one-on-one, (or an office conference call with you and your staff), time with a personal 30 minute coaching session to customize his documentation system in your practice for maximum return on your investment.


When you understand the "power of the pen" after using Dr. Dunaway's Documentation System in your practice, you can use Dr. Dunaway's official "Power of the Pen" Pen that will be included with your order.

Free Express Shipping and Handling

We offer a LIFETIME guarantee. Simply put, if you don’t immediately pay for the investment price of this package in your office you and/or your office staff must not be using the materials. We never want you to be able to say, “this didn’t help me make more money, save time, give me credit and recognition, and make me never fear a third party payer auditor again,” so simply return all the materials for your money back at any time. We want you to give this system a try RISK FREE because we know you’ll be very happy with the return with Dr. Dunaway’s Documentation System.

The investment for this practice changing experience is $895.00. Call toll free at 1.877.HCFA.SUX (1.877.423.2789) to order Dr. Dunaway's entire documentation system and to schedule your individual coaching session. IAs a physician, I believe we've created an irresistible combination of a physician friendly, revenue driving, compliance correct system matched with an unparalleled guarantee you can't find ANYWHERE else.

Individual Items for Purchase

Doctors are from Jupiter and Compliance is from a Galaxy Far... Far… Away


We'll still sell you this, but just call!


A unique perspective of compliance from that of a frustrated physician and certified compliance officer and consultant, Dr. Dunaway, as well and that of a former OIG Certified Fraud Investigator, Joe Batte, CFE, put together by an accomplished compliance writer, Tom Criser. As physicians, “medical compliance” causes much frustration and subsequent worry of what could happen to us if known or unknown compliance issues are out of compliance. Hearing a message from a former OIG inspector gives fundamental information that will help physician, medical office, and hospital compliance issues that mean the most to investigators and how the “compliance” world functions. For “compliance people,” both investigators and compliance officers and consultants, the perspective of physicians is given. To span the gap that separates physicians from the “compliance culture,” this publication was written to build a bridge for better mutual understanding that will be essential for compliance to be accepted and embraced by physicians.

Doctors Are From Jupiter…$27.95 single copy price.

How to Get More Doctors to More of Your Meetings

We still will be selling these, Call us to order one. (803) 425-8555

... a step-by-step 145 page manual detailing the methodology Dr. Dunaway has developed and used successfully for years that consistently results in record breaking physician attendance at, believe it or not, "compliance/coding/documentation---yech!---meetings." If these results can happen with "compliance," think what you'll do with a more palatable topic!

How to Get More Doctors to More of Your Meetings Manual...$129.00

To see the Table of Contents, click here!


>> Speech Topics

>> Consultative Solutions

>> Packaged Programs




What they are saying:

“The coding principles I learned allowed me to increase my profitability by over $20,000.00 in one year.”

Robert Trent, MD, California


“Your system is fantastic…I’ve been using it in my office and my revenues are up $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 per month.”

J.D. (Primary Care), Washington State

We used initials at the physician's request --he/she didn't want to twist Medicare's nose out of joint!


“Very valuable resource. I have completely revamped my organization’s coding and documentation process and have seen an increase in higher complexity codes, more consistent documentation among providers, and am utilizing the audit tool you provided for internal monitoring. Your information has been so beneficial I wish I had come across it sooner.”

Karen, J. Cross, MD, FAAHPM, VP Medical Professional Services, Las Vegas, NV


“We revamped our progress note based on Dr. Tray’s information and now my doc’s circle and check instead of writing and writing. It has resulted in more information being captured with better coding skills and increased revenue.”

Denise Lawry, Hartford Primary Care


“It has helped tremendously. We are seeing an excellent return on the learning investment.”

Valierie Kirby, Exec. Director, Unicare, Inc.


“Within one day we have recouped through improved documentation your entire fee.”

Greg Wise, Md, VP, Medical Affairs, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, OH


 “I first heard Dr. Dunaway two years ago and have used the risk-based approach to coding in educating physicians and when doing chart reviews. Great approach!”

Norma Herzog, Sumner, WA


“I use Dr. Dunaway’s approach with MDM and risk based coding to audit charts to assure compliance with AMA/HCFA guidelines. It has been an indispensable tool for me and is the only approach that makes sense to me and is clinically applicable. His approach was first introduced to me at a Cardiology “Success” Meeting (Amer. Col. Cardiology) at the Atlantis Resort, (Bahamas, 2002). Before learning Dr. Dunaway’s techniques, I never was able to figure out coding.”

Lisa Beth Landly, MD, Tucson, AZ


“Dr. Dunaway’s program was the most important thing to happen to me in my last four years of practice because he literally saved my practice. I implemented his coding system and discovered I could dramatically affect my bottom line. This made a world of difference in terms of reimbursement for all, but especially my Medicare patients. After using Dr. Dunaway’s system, I had an independent review of my coding and billing. Not only was my bottom line dramatically improved, by my new codes, (averaging one level higher that before Dr. Dunaway), were appropriate. Thank you for saving my practice and teaching me how to code accurately.

Nancy Zega, DO, Ogden, UT.


“Significantly decreased the number of charts that I have to amend or do over”

J. Michaelson, MD, Puyallup WA


“When I entered private practice, it was like I came out with a loaded gun, your system, for third party payers!”

Col. (ret.) William Smith, MD,


“Tray has hit the bull’s-eye on today’s medical coding problems and where they came from as well as how to beat them at their own game.”

Larry Andral, MD, Springfield, UT.


“A a physician-taught /physician-perspective was used. Made a difference!”

Fiona Azybuiks, Fayetteville, NC.


“For anyone in the healthcare profession that avoids understanding coding like the plague.” 

Diana Mousseau, CSW, Fayetteville, NC

 “The ‘Complete Idiot’s Guide to Coding’ without the yellow book! I didn’t realize I could make the hospital money with my own charting!” 

Michael Gerber, DPN, Troy, MI


“I thought Tray was going to make my life more complicated but he has done quite the opposite.”

Walt Rooney, MD, Lovington, WA


“Dr. Tray has a true gift, the ability to take an overwhelming subject and compartmentalize it into simplicity.”

Amy Partiseau, Milledgeville, GA


“Very well thought out, incredibly organized, and from a physician perspective. What more can you ask for? Well worth my time!”

Rob Ringler, MD, Chesapeake, VA