Where is Dr. Dunaway?

These listed bookings have been confirmed with deposits and do not include travel days or hold dates. Please call 803.425.8555 for up-to-the-minute availability information.

LAST UPDATED 5/28/08 --- (Hold dates not listed)

August 7-10 California
Sept 16-18 Kentucky
Sept19 Ohio
Sept 23 S. Dakota
Sept30 Washington State
October 2 Oklahoma
October 9 South Carolina
October 19 Rhode Island (Tray's 45th state to speak in!)
October20 Wisconsin
October 23 Illinois
October 25 California
November 3 Ohio
November12 Oklahoma
January 24 - 25 Nevada
Februrary 6 - 13 Coding Cruise Eastern Caribbean

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What they are saying:

“Old fashioned ingenuity on the part of Dr. Dunaway has provided a mechanism to help doctors reduce paperwork while increasing income.”



“Presenting to a standing ovation at the 2005 National Client conference, Dr. Tray Dunaway has proven to be one of our most popular keynote speakers. One of the most common comments from audiences is that Dr. Dunaway's presentations are genuine and "real." His presentation style is 100% supercharged ”

Press Ganey and Associates, South Bend, IN


“I have attended many conferences and seminars over the years and it’s is rare to listen to a presentation that is as entertaining, informative and moving as yours. One comment we received asked “How will you ever top Dr. Dunaway for future programs?”

Marsha Fox, President, VNA & Hospice of Southern California